Coaching Lobby

An online coaching platform where life and business coaches can organize their clients.

We help you automate your business, so you can focus on the coaching.

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Why Coaching Lobby?

We have been coached and have friends that coach.

We have had coaches that use nothing to organize other then email. We have had coaches that use some of the alternative coaching applications out there. We were never totally happy with the experience.

This is our attempt to make a coaching platform that will make us and our friends happy (and hopefully you too)!

We have created a coaching application that will allow you to do all the billing, and integrate it with the scheduling. Have one place where you can track progress of clients and also share the results of those tasks. We are striving to create a coaching dashboard/portal that will quickly give you a readout on what you need to do and who you need to focus on.

With coaching, if you are spending all your time administering and tracking, you are not making money.

We know that, and we want to help!

Designed for Coaches

  • Clients can create shared and private notes
  • Clients can create shared and private tasks
  • Coaches can add, and comment on shared client tasks and notes
  • Coaches can create client agreements
  • Client agreements can be paid right in the app using integrated PayPal or Stripe
  • Integrated File Sharing, including video.
  • Meeting scheduling across timezones. The coach simply sets up the time blocks when they are free and the client selects the ones they want
  • Discovery sessions. Send prospective clients to a simple url hosted on Coaching Lobby and have them sign up and find a time
  • Get feedback from your clients by creating custom forms.
  • Create some Tracks and let Coaching Lobby do a bunch of the work for you.
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